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    Nakalee has applied advanced complete Germany moulds,adopted international computerized oil filling and sealing technology,to ensure soft closing efficiency and stability,mute buffering with a life spanabove 50000 times.
    Products List
    N-218P Self-closing slide
    N-218P Self-closing riding drawer(low)
    N-218G Self-closing riding drawer (high)
    N-218GG Self-closing riding drawer (Extra High)
    air pressure spring
    N708 Microwave holder
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    Contact:Ms.Kelly Zeng
    N-218G Self-closing riding drawer (high)


    N-218G Self-closing riding drawer (high)   
    Specifications:350 / 400  / 450 / 500 mm

    The newly designed integrated damper and the mute slide rail make a perfect combination, which contributes to quiet, gentle and calm slide of the drawer and avoid the jumping or rebounding during the closing.

    Characteristics of slide rail of damping drawer:
    1. Novel appearance design
    2. Flexible and gentle moving of slide rail
    3. Ultra-mute design, damping and self-locking function
    4. Processing with environment-friendly materials and moldering resistance
    5.Service life of slide rail>35,000 times

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