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    Nakalee has applied advanced complete Germany moulds,adopted international computerized oil filling and sealing technology,to ensure soft closing efficiency and stability,mute buffering with a life spanabove 50000 times.
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    Jinhua Nakalee Kitchen Hardware Co., Ltd.

    Add: No.169 Wulian Road, Jindong Comprehensive park, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Prvince, China

    Phone:   0086-579-82173309
    F a x:      0086-579-82173319
    E-mail:    nakalee_slide@126.com
    Website: www.otevideo.com

    Contact :   Ms Cao

    Note: please contact with us to confirm your remittance amount.

    Bank : Chengtai Rural Cooperative Bank Jinhua Qiubin Branch

    Account number:  201000058393475

    Duty paragraph:    330702679553663


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