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    Nakalee has applied advanced complete Germany moulds,adopted international computerized oil filling and sealing technology,to ensure soft closing efficiency and stability,mute buffering with a life spanabove 50000 times.
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    ADD:No.169 Wulian Road, Jindong Comprehensive park, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Prvince, China
    Contact:Ms.Kelly Zeng

    Jinhua Nakalee Kitchen Hardware  Co., Ltd. is a professional cabinet accessory manufacturer integrated with development, design, production and sales. Pursuing more designs and fitting categories development to meet customers requirements by adaptable kitchen solutions with great fitting variety and best quality package.

    With years of investment and development, Nakalee has equiped various advanced machines and attracted professional technicians. The accumulated design and production capability successfully put "NAKALEE" among top honorable brands worldwidely. While basing upon solid home markets shares, Nakalee has been exploring overseas markets positively and gained good reputations from our customers.

    Nakalee spirit-- Honesty & credibility 

    Nakalee tenet -- Complete categories,excellent quality, reasonable price, perfect service

    Nakalee drive -- Exquisite technlogy & pouring new models.

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